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    Unakite Chip Beads

    Unakite Chip Beads

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    Unakite Gemstone Chips 5x8mm (~160pce Strand) - 91cm/36'" Strand.

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    Unakite Gemstone Chips 5x8mm (~160pce Strand) - 91cm/36'" Strand.

    Unakite is named after where it was first discovered, in the Unakes Mountains oin North Carolina. It is composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote and quartz. Unakite beads are considered to be balancing and said to be an excellent stone for unifying emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood None
    Origin USA, Canada, Brazil, China and South Africa
    Shape Chips
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 6 - 7