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    New Jade

    New Jade, a type of serpentine mineral, captures attention with its soothing green hue and smooth appearance. Also known as "Serpentine Jade" or "Bowenite," it has a history rooted in various ancient civilizations. In metaphysical practices, New Jade is revered for its calming energy that encourages emotional balance and inner peace. Believed to aid in meditation and spiritual growth, this gemstone holds a connection to the heart chakra, promoting harmony and compassion.

    Naturally found in regions like New Zealand, China, and the United States, New Jade has been used for centuries in jewelry and ornaments. Its symbolism of renewal and growth, reminiscent of lush landscapes, aligns with its color and energetic properties. New Jade's versatile appeal makes it a popular choice for both jewelry enthusiasts and those seeking holistic healing benefits.

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