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    Seraphinite, a rare and exquisite mineral, is a variety of clinochlore known for its distinct silvery chatoyancy and feathery patterns that resemble angel wings. Its alternative name, "Serafina," originates from its resemblance to the celestial beings' wings.

    Discovered in the 19th century in the Lake Baikal region of Russia, Seraphinite is believed to possess healing and protective properties. It's said to aid in connecting with higher energies and facilitating spiritual growth.

    Seraphinite is found exclusively in the Lake Baikal area, making it a prized gem. This mineral is highly regarded in the world of crystal healing for its potential to bring balance and renewal.

    With its unique appearance and spiritual associations, Seraphinite remains a sought-after gemstone for those seeking both aesthetic beauty and holistic benefits.

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