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    Bloodstone, also known as "Heliotrope," is a striking variety of chalcedony adorned with distinctive red or brown specks resembling drops of blood. Steeped in history and revered across cultures, this mineral has been treasured for its powerful healing properties. It is believed to boost vitality, purify the blood, and enhance courage.

    Throughout history, Bloodstone has been associated with martyrdom and legends, often linked to religious and mythical narratives. This gemstone's allure lies in its unique appearance, which mirrors the sacred balance between life force and earth's energies.

    Naturally found in India, Brazil, and Australia, Bloodstone's name reflects its rich red hues. In antiquity, warriors carried it into battle for protection and strength. Today, it continues to captivate as a symbol of resilience and vitality, embodying the remarkable connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

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