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    Xingjiang Jade Chip Beads

    Xingjiang Jade Chip Beads

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    Xingjiang Jade Stone Chips 5x8mm (~160pce Strand) - 91cm /36'" Strand.

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    Xingjiang Jade Stone Chips 5x8mm (~160pce Strand) - 91cm /36'" Strand.

    Translucent white with an excellent polish. Xingjiang literally means “New Frontier” and was named in the mid 1700’s when it was conquered by the Qing Dynasty. The Jade of Xingjiang stands out among the varieties produced in China as having an “excellent reputation”. Also known as “muttonfat” jade in the past because of its smooth texture and pure colour. Jade is considered to possess the power of good luck and good health. It has the ability to resist evil spirits and get rid of bad luck.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Shape Chips
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 6 - 6.5