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    Rose Gold Hematite 4mm Round Beads

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    Rose Gold Hematite 4mm Round Beads

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    Rose Gold Colour Hematite 4mm Round Beads (~100pce Strand) - approx 40cm /16'" Strand.

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    Rose Gold Colour Coated Hematite 4mm Round Beads (~100pce Strand) - approx 40cm /16'" Strand.

    Polished Hematite was traditionally used for magic mirrors which had the power to reflect back negativity. Roman soldiers were believed to rub the red powdered hematite on their bodies to make them invulnerable.

    See additional notes for more information.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Synthetic (STN)
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood Heating and Pressure (Usually)
    Origin World wide
    Shape Round
    Size 4mm
    Hole Size Approximate (mm) 0.5
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 5.5 - 6.5
    Bead Care - Avoid the following... Acids, Soft material handle with care, Steam, Ultrasonic Cleaners
    Additional notes Like most of the hematite on the market, this is Hematine is a simulated material virtually identical to real hematite. It even has the same chemical composition - both genuine and simulated hematite are iron oxide. True hematite leaves a red streak when scratched across a piece of unglazed porcelain, while the simulated products usually leave a gray streak. The simulated material is much easier to form into detailed shapes, and still looks and feels like the real material. "Hematine," "hemalike" and "hemalyke" are common names used for this product. If you look closely at the hole in a molded bead of simulated hematite, you will often see a smoothly curved hole rather than the slightly chipped and sharply defined edge of a true drill hole. The holes are usually molded into the bead.