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    Rhodonite 10mm Round Beads

    Rhodonite 10mm Round Beads

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    Rhodonite Gemstone Round 10mm (~40pce Strand) - 40cm/16'" Strand.

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    Rhodonite Gemstone Round 10mm (~40pce Strand) - 40cm/16'" Strand.

    Rhodonite, the name comes from the Greek word Rhodos that translates to rosy. Rhodonite gemstone soft pink in colour with black veins, sometimes with greyish brown variants due to the presence of zinc. Rhodonite properties: grounds energy, a stone of love, elegance and compassion. Is believed to aid in healing physically and emotionally. Rhodonite encourages forgiveness and self confidence. Also believed to stimulate fertility.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood Dyed (Rarely)
    Origin USA
    Shape Round
    Size 10mm
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 5.5 - 6.5
    Bead Care - Avoid the following... Chemicals, Steam