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    Reconstituted Turquoise Matte 4mm Round Beads

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    Reconstituted Turquoise Matte 4mm Round Beads

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    Reconstituted Turquoise Matte 4mm Round Gemstone Beads ~38cm/15.5" Strand.

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    Reconstituted Turquoise Matte Finish 4mm Round Gemstone Beads ~38cm/15.5" Strand.

    Turquoise meaning "Turkish Stone" comes from European markets in the Middle Ages, who received it from Turkish traders who brought it from Persia. Turquoise beads were used by the Egyptians as early as 5500bc. The Navajo and Hopi (Native Americans) in Arizona value Turquoise as an attractor of prosperity and fertility of the soil and treasure it as a powerful success and good luck stone. Supposed to be a stone of communication, making one more eloquent, loving, creative and honest. Also considered a stone of friendship. Most Turquoise available has been stabililzed. These beads are Turquoise of a lesser grade which has been ground down into a powder. The powder is permeated with epoxy resin, then dyed and compacted into blocks before being cut to shape.

    These beads have a matte finish.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Reconstituted
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood Dyed (Usually)
    Origin China
    Shape Round
    Size 4mm
    Hole Size Approximate (mm) 0.6