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    Malay Jade Rose Pink 8mm Round Beads

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    Malay Jade Rose Pink 10mm Round Beads

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    Malay Jade Rose Pink (Dyed Quartzite) 10mm Round Beads (~40pce Strand) - 40cm/16'" Strand.

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    Malay Jade Rose Pink(Dyed Quartzite) 10mm Round Beads (~40pce Strand) - 40cm/16'" Strand.

    Malay Jade is a dyed Quartzite and not in fact a true Jade at all. Quartzite is a very hard stone and similar in looks to marble, however unlike marble quartzite will not scratch with a knife. Quartzite is formed through the alteration of the composition of quartz-rich sandstones.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood Dyed (Usually)
    Shape Round
    Size 10mm
    Hole Size Approximate (mm) 1.0
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 7
    Bead Care - Avoid the following... Abrasives, Chemicals, Heat, Ultrasonic Cleaners
    Additional notes Malay jade, also known as Malaysian jade or Malaysia jade. Commonly mistaken for fine quality jade, they are actually dyed translucent quartzite.