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    Lapis Lazuli 10mm Round Beads

    Lapis Lazuli 10mm Round Beads

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    Lapis Lazuli Stone Round 10mm Dyed (~40pce Strand) - 40 cm /16'" Strand

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    Lapis Lazuli Stone Round 10mm Dyed (~40pce Strand) - 40 cm /16'" Strand This is natural Gemstone Lapis Lazuli that has been dyed to enhance the blue colour. Lapis Lazuli is a rock type containing primarily Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite. Lapis is Latin for “stone”, Lazuli is derived from the Persian word “lazhuward” and latin word “lazulum” meaning blue or heaven. Mentioned in 2650 BC in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh and the Biblican book of Exodus. Ancient Egyptians used it extensively in religious ceremonies and Lapis items were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Lapis is said to enhance one’s awareness, insight and intellect. Brings peace and self acceptance.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood Dyed (Usually)
    Origin Afghanistan, Chile and Russia.
    Shape Round
    Size 10mm
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 5 - 6
    Bead Care - Avoid the following... Acids, Heat, Ultrasonic Cleaners