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    Cherry Quartz 4mm beads

    Cherry Quartz 4mm Round Beads

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    Cherry Quartz glass Round 4mm (~100pce Strand) - 40cm /16'" Strand.

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    Cherry Quartz glass Round 4mm (100pce Strand) - 40cm /16'" Strand.

    These pretty semi-transparent pink beads show internal clouds, swirls and needles of a darker pink hue.

    Not actually a gemstone at all, but a specially processed glass with similar optical properties to quartz.

    Any properties believed to be associated with Cherry Quartz are related to its colour which can lift energy and spirits and add passion to everything one does.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Imitation (IMIT)
    Shape Round
    Size 4mm
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 5.5