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    Bloodstone 8mm Round Beads

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    Bloodstone 8mm Round Beads

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    Bloodstone Round 8mm Beads (~50pce Strand) - 40cm /16'" Strand.

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    Bloodstone Round 8mm Beads (50pce Strand) - 40cm /16'" Strand.

    These beads, sometimes called heliotrope, are deep forest green with attractive contrasting red markings. The myth is that, at his crucifixion, the blood of Christ fell on Green Jasper.

    Engraved bloodstone was used by the Babylonians in divination and by the Ancient Egyptians to magically defeat enemies.Good grounding stone with protective qualities. Considered a powerful healing stone, believed to aid balance and renewal.

    Additional Information

    Stone Type Natural
    Common gemstone enhancement and likelihood None
    Origin Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, USA
    Shape Round
    Size 8mm
    Mohs scale ratings (hardness) 6.5 - 7